Monday, 20 June 2011

The search for the lost unofficial Kiwi band-fan site

Unofficial Fan web-sites vary in quality, if not passion. From those where enough love and attention have been spent to make them superior to the official site, down to the ‘one weekend and a few old clippings’ placed on a free server with menacing pop-ups. Geocities and Tripod are the resting places of many an ‘ex’ site that have disappeared into the ether. Sadly there are only but a few stand-alone ‘fan’ sites dedicated to Kiwi bands. The Split Enz (slash Crowded House) site ‘Frenz’ is probably the granddaddy of them. It appears fans are now content with myspace format as a final resting place for a bands memoriam. I’m not. Myspace is very limited and its template stereotyped. There are never any nocks and crannies to explore. The effort required to run-up a myspace site is often reflective in its look and content. So again I yell to the southern winds “where are all the independent Kiwi band sites lurking?” Well here are a few ‘un-officials’ I can think-of worthy of a nosey and placement on your favourites:

Straightjacket Fits (incorporating other Carter projects, spin-offs)

Simon Griggs profiles Screaming Mee Mees, Suburban Reptiles, Proud Scum and dozens of others he knew and produced!

That’s bugger all, eh?

More evidence of 'the passionless people' and a deeper societal malaise?  

Can you think of any sites to embellish this motley crew?

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