Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Search for the long forgotten Guitar Organ

I was corresponding with an Aussie geezer I know about classic cars, we both own rare Japanese models and we also happen to share the same taste in music. For what were essentially strangers 18 months ago we share a lot of common interests. He also plays guitar which I’ve started learning in February – not that that has deterred me starting a band! Anyway he said amongst his collection of equipment was a Vox Guitar Organ. “A what?” was my immediate reaction. So I raced off to You Tube and hey-presto this, in its entire splendor, is what the late 60’s Vox V251 ‘Guitar Organ’ is all about:

This was a way cool instrument that was probably conceptually compromised by the technology of the day. Basically it flopped and as far as I can establish big-name artists like Lennon, Stones did experiment with it’s nuances but none went on to employ the V251 as part of their sound. It’s still amazing, as well as an indictment on the lack of innovation in later-day guitar/music companies, no one else has developed a modern version. I know definitively Vox had them for-sale in Sydney, but what about New Zealand? Has anyone laid eyes on a Guitar-Organ on these shaky-isles? It would be so cool to give one of these strange hybrids a play. Imagine seeing a band with one in action! Coolest of cool.          

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