Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ghost Wave; Is there life after Flying Nun?

Is possible to do a review on Ghost Wave without mentioning the ‘c’ word? I’m talking about The Clean of course. The Kilgour connection is bandied about like driftwood on a north Auckland beach and “yeah” I do hear the similarities but I also ear-wig Stone Roses in the mix as well. I mean it’s a way nice compliment to be compared to The Clean and The Stone Roses, and Ghost Wave are bloody good at the business of jangle psych pop (this is my blog and I’ll make up genres if I want to)  They also follow a noble line of other Kiwi bands employing the word ‘ghost’ in their moniker and confuse the fuck out of prospective record buyers. Ghostplane, Ghost Club and now Ghost Wave - in a small country like N.Z we need to set limits on collateral band names! The first album, more correctly an EP, called simply ‘Ghost Wave’ is out on Arch Hill and for a mere six Kiwi dollars (approx USD 4.50) you get seven songs. That’s frankly a steal given the quality of the compositions from this now four piece. When I first saw them they were a threesome but the extra fuzzy guitar certainly compliments their sound. Put it this way – if you like this song 'Sunsetter' you’ll like the rest.  

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