Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Zappa correctly foretells on of the key reasons behind the decline of the Music Industry

I remember distinctly when I heard Frank Zappa had died. I had just comeback from a long-weekend on the piss down south (1993) and was to say the least very jaded. A week earlier I had imported a couple of his more obscure titles that were next to impossible to get locally and they were both playing in the car. I also remember the first Zappa album I got ‘Apostrophe’. It came from a long-since defunct record shop in what was then the Whitcombe and Tombs Arcade (Christchurch) Buying an autographed photo from a dealer in London in 1985. Zappa was put simply a musical genius, more-ever he was an astute and insightful human, a libertarian battler. The first clip is dead on the money why modern music is so ‘vanilla’ bland, how the rot set-in. Rather spookily it came out in 1989 (as best I can google)          

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Ground Zero Radio is N.Z’s only dedicated Alternative Music Radio Station. 

Beamed over the internet Ground Zero plays Kiwi Alternative music 24/7. 

The diverse, enriching music other stations limit to specialist shows or play in between droll tunes by The Finns, Dave Dobbyn and Herbs etc.  

It’s free and painless to register with the online Station hosts live365.   

This new Station is a non-commercial operation. 

It actually costs the DJ i.e. me money, not to mention ‘oddles of time to operate.  

It survives by fellow Kiwi's who are passionate about local music tuning-in.