Monday, 25 July 2011

Stop bolstering Amy Winehouses musical credentials

Amy Winehouse is dead, my respects and condolences go out to her family and friends.

Lazy journalists have kept telling the tabloid frenzied public Winehouse has joined a long list of rock stars that died aged 27. These include Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain etc. Is Amy Winehouse in the same class as any of the illustrious ‘dead before your time’ artists listed above? No, no. no. 

Amy Winehouse was/is over-rated.  

During her brief career her fame and notoriety revolved around her substance abuse, appalling taste in clothes, love-life etc more than her music, which most if not all was co-written.   

She had just two albums, her debut (4 from a possible 5 stars on Allmusic) is good but hardly in the class of say ‘Electric Ladyland’ or ‘Nevermind’ etc.  

The other one ‘Back to Black’ is, as my wife keeps telling me, excellent.

One excellent album from an output of two in say seven years doesn’t make Winehouse a megastar.   

The last concert Winehouse gave she was booed off stage.

The U.K’s ‘Marketing Magazine’ readers voted her the most hated personality in The United Kingdom.

To be charitable she was polarising.

I can’t believe the gushing press she is now getting in death given her lack of impact on the musical universe, flimsy material she penned herself and dearth of singles – just five in seven years!    

Please don’t tell me about Grammy’s either. Anyone who treats a Grammy seriously is in the same headspace which confuses The Disney Channel with The Documentary.

It is always sad when someone dies prematurely like this but please for fucks sake stop bolstering Winehouses thin musical credentials.

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