Thursday, 7 July 2011

FuturNari – Chips minus the fish

Don’t ask me to be incisive or the slightest bit in-depth with this one. You have google as well as me! What little I know about this group (not in a literal sense) is they (read: he) is from New Zealand is the medium employed is what is loosely know as ‘chip music’. That’s music made from discarded computers and gameboy consols etc. Being an electronic dunce – don’t ask me how that sort of crap works. Think Space Invaders meets Ibiza nightclub with Brian Eno as DJ. This home produced clip, not to be confused with chip, is worthy of a larger audience – that’s why I’m giving it a plug . So give it a quick play and travel off to Bandcamp for a free-download of the EP it came from (refer below) Free is a good price.

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