Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sleepy Age Mark 2 is Good

Until today I was never into Sleepy Age from Christchurch, which in case you missed it is where I live. They didn’t really spin my wheels to be honest. Nice guys, great musso’s they just seemed to be too much like a whole heap of other guitar driven bands.

But recently I stumbled onto Sleepy Age again on You Tube, the mark 2 version that’s traipsing around Europe currently. Namely this ‘new romantic’ single (below) that pays tongue-in-cheek homage the gushy eighties stuff from ABC, Spandau Ballet etc.

I mean if the world can get a second dose of glam, endless punk re-makes why not give New Romanticism (is that an actual term?)another day in the sun, the 2nd chance to place “juxtapose” in amongst the lyrics, grow a significant fringe and not be considered an emo? Getting Kiwi blokes to dress better, consistently brush their teeth may be the biggest obstacle for campy synth pop like this taking hold again down here. Berlin, Manchester and Paris seem more fitting places if re-vamped vamp will ever take hold again.    

But as they say on the streets of Sydenham, Burnside and Cashmere “Give it a crack Nigel” and that’s exactly what Sleepy Age are doing.

Mind you Sleepy Age are going to need a way bigger budget to  stand a dogs-show of competing with a benchmark gayfest video like this one for an 'ever-green wedding fav' from the eighties:  

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