Sunday, 16 February 2014

Paco and Spidershark 3 at Tommy Chang's

I have been over to Tommy Chang’s a few nights lately, including Saturday (15/2/2014).
Check out Lyttelton, cool eh?
Don’t let the fact, catch the Christchurch malaise “it’s all the way in Lyttelton” prevent you popping through the tunnel. 

In reality 30 minutes from say door Burnside to first beer on the table in Lyttelton isn’t a big chunk of any evening.

Lyttelton as a whole has a great, casual vibe to it. 

It’s always been quirky destination but faced competition from the likes of poplar Lane (tears welt in eyes) prior to ‘The’ earthquake.  

Lyttelton is rapidly filling that void of a place to go with something for everyone all in easy walking distance.  

Tommy’s isn’t a big place. 

75 would fill it to capacity, but this just adds to the ambience. 

The crowds are very eclectic, staff friendly and there’s a varied range of artists performing from old-school DJ’s to poetry readings. 

It’s always been well worth the trip. 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say I really enjoyed Spidershark 3.    

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