Wednesday, 26 December 2012

So where's the Songs about Christchurch?

Christchurch’s devastating earthquakes have spawned a whole range of cathartic ‘support’ songs.  

But really for the number of songs penned by N.Z musicians pre-quake wise on the topic of ‘Christchurch’ as a living-place, is by my count thin on the proverbial ground.    

Taking-out The Exponents anthem until recently Christchurch hasn’t been top of the subject matter amongst local song writers.   

This is bemusing since writing about a place you know must surely make easy subject-matter, stir up the mental juices – apparently not?    

A situation made more perplexing when you take into account over their lifespans most Christchurch bands are lucky to travel further afield than Dunedin, sell their music as north as Whangarei so when ‘Christchurch’ pop-ups in the lyrics somewhere it isn’t going to be exactly ‘foreign’ to the prime audience.  

The only reason I can think of why Christchurch song-writers avoid penning tunes about a place so dear to their heart is: embarrassment.  

The traditional Kiwi cringe factor (TV Ones Sunday at 7:30) 
Kiwi's are somehow inferior, no one in Britain or USA wants to hear what we have to say.  

A notable exception amongst the locals is probably Roy Montgomery. 

I am open to further submissions here but it is kind-of sad Christchurch bands don’t sing the praises or otherwise of the place they live and often die.     
My humble ‘off the top’ list comprises just:
Exponents ‘Christchurch’
Roy Montgomery (heaps on above album)
Steve Allen ‘Join Together’ (1974 Commonwealth Games Tune)
Opshop ‘City of Cities’  
And who could rightfully leave out……

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