Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Zappa correctly foretells on of the key reasons behind the decline of the Music Industry

I remember distinctly when I heard Frank Zappa had died. I had just comeback from a long-weekend on the piss down south (1993) and was to say the least very jaded. A week earlier I had imported a couple of his more obscure titles that were next to impossible to get locally and they were both playing in the car. I also remember the first Zappa album I got ‘Apostrophe’. It came from a long-since defunct record shop in what was then the Whitcombe and Tombs Arcade (Christchurch) Buying an autographed photo from a dealer in London in 1985. Zappa was put simply a musical genius, more-ever he was an astute and insightful human, a libertarian battler. The first clip is dead on the money why modern music is so ‘vanilla’ bland, how the rot set-in. Rather spookily it came out in 1989 (as best I can google)          

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  1. What camp did you get sent to Paul, didnt seem to work>