Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lameway 2012 line-up induces mass coma.

The line-up for Laneway 2012 (Auckland) has been announced and I have already sent away for a brochure from a cryogenics lab. I plan to put my body placed in a freezer next to Walt Disney’s head and unfrozen the day after Laneway – when is the date again? I’ve forgotten already and planned to cut the lawns instead. I mean it’s not hard to be under-whelmed is it? After trolling down the performers list I was half expecting my sons Cathedral Choir to feature (no bull my son sings in a choir) Aussies Soundwave Concerts have the likes of  Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Cobra Starship. Laneway has blankets for the crowd so they don’t get all goose-bumpy cold listening to Gotye and Feist. Cripes my 13 year old daughter is into Feist, as well as large doses of the Disney Channel. With  the ‘High School Musical’ feel to it Laneway 2012 can no longer a bonefidi rock concert in the traditional sense of the term, parodying summer concerts you get in vineyards with bands dragged from the same freezer I’m going to be stored in. The sad thing is the most interesting artist on the line-up is our own Shane Carter. If you want cutting edge forget Lameway 2012 plan for a big day in the garden.  


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